Over the past decade the business has changed, the way homes are bought and sold has changed, and what should be expected from your real estate professional has undoubtedly changed. While it goes without saying that integrity, honesty, responsiveness and friendly service are still essential characteristics that your real estate professional should possess, for Sellers, no longer is a generic “For Sale” sign, an MLS listing and a lock-box an acceptable or effective approach to getting your home sold for top dollar. Your home needs a customized marketing plan designed to highlight its best features and maximize exposure to potential buyers.

Aligning yourself with the right real estate advisory team has never been more important. In what other industry can you work with the best at a comparable cost to the competition (irrelevant of experience, knowledge, marketing plan, proven ability to deliver results), when the stakes are so high. You have lots of options, make sure you do your homework...


1. We provide accurate valuations: Firstly, we will not provide a value without visiting your home* as an onsite visit is the only way we can experience your property and its surroundings, note any improvements you have made, as well as any unique selling features or characteristics that could affect demand and therefore the value of your home. Once your Advisor has previewed your home & reviewed market conditions and comparables, our team draws up a comprehensive comparative market analysis (CMA) that includes a recommended listing price range that has been reviewed by one of our two in-house valuation experts who have completed University level courses on Appraisal. 

5. Every step in our process has been designed to net you the highest possible return: Pricing accurately, waiting until each element of the marketing plan has been perfected to go live with the listing, then using our emotion-evoking marketing to maximize interest is what sets us apart in this marketplace, allowing us to limit the days on the market and maximize the selling price. People often want to price higher than market value to see if they can pull an uninformed buyer or leave a bit of room for negotiating. In most cases these are flawed strategies as you will price-out buyers that may have otherwise been interested and you will fail to leverage the initial hype of the new listing which often leaves buyers in a frenzy to make an offer. These days buyer's are informed and our best way to maximize your return is to  price accurately and attract multiple offers, which will hopefully push the price above its market value. Therefore, our process does not stop once we have received an offer, as well provide previously interested Jahelka Group buyers and local agents with a “Last Call” notification to stimulate more demand, and ultimately multiple offers and a higher price. Our Advisors are experienced in multiple-offer situations and are there for you every step of the way to ensure the negotiations process is as stress-free as possible, resulting in an offer that has maximized your return on your terms.

3. We take the time to create a customized marketing plan for each property to maximize exposure to its' target market: We don’t have a “one size fits all” home marketing plan because every property is unique and deserves to be marketed as such. After previewing your home, your Advisor and our in-house Marketing Specialist with a Master’s Degree in Marketing will create a customized marketing plan for your property that will tell your home’s story, highlighting its unique features and characteristics in a manner that captures the attention of potential buyers. We are market leaders in effective, emotion-evoking real estate marketing, using professional photography, floor plans, 3D walk tours, aerial drones and high impact strategic online marketing, among other tactics, to create a campaign for your property that maximizes exposure to the primary and secondary target markets that we have identified.

4. We are responsive, will keep you informed throughout the process & client communication happens on your terms: Providing a timely, informed response is of the utmost importance to us and we will always make time to address any questions or concerns that you have throughout the process. Phone, email, text message, in person...daily, weekly, let us know how involved you want to be in the process and your preferred method of communication and we will make it happen.

5. We are honest to a fault and will set realistic expectations for your sale: We will provide honest, accurate values and have no interest in buying your listing. Often Realtors will ask you what you want for your home, then recommend a price at or above the price you want in an effort to secure your listing, knowing that once they have it they can price drop until they find a buyer because it wont be worth the hassle to find another Realtor. Realtors also want listings so that they can hopefully pick-up buyers who have contacted them about your listing to be their own clients. When you work with the Jahelka Group, we do not want to know the price you would like to list your home for prior to putting a value on your property, as we don't want it to influence our recommended list price, so that we can provide an unbiased, accurate valuation. Throughout the process, one of our main goals is to always ensure we set your expectations correctly so there are no surprises. If your property will be hard to sell, you’re going to know it.

*Note: The instant property value tool above is generated by a third-party source and it is intended to provide a broad range estimate of the value of your property. Our valuation tool uses public record sales data provided by a third party source. Although technology is great, these estimates are only as accurate as the data provided by our third party source, so engaging our valuation experts will be the easiest way to get an accurate value for your property.


Each and every client who we have the privilege of working with has a unique set of circumstances, expectations and requirements. Similarly, each property that we market also has unique features and characteristics that need to be showcased. When working with the Jahelka Group, you can expect a client-focus, tailored service experience and home marketing program designed to keep the process as stress-free and seamless as possible, in the process maximizing your net return in the quickest time possible. 

While we customize and adapt our approach to the specific needs of each seller, there are a few key steps in the selling process that have been proven to drive exceptional results and optimal client satisfaction. To get a better idea of  what you can expect when working with the Jahelka Real Estate Group, click HERE.


My husband and I have worked with many realtors in the past. Our experience and working relationship with Carlee has truly been the best of all interactions. Her professional and proactive drive has been very refreshing. Carlee went above and beyond with every aspect of our working relationship. Thank you Carlee - you are vibrant and tenacious.  Our experience was flawless. ~ D & J Poulsen

Carlee - a woman of great integrity. If you're looking for a realtor who truly has your best interests at heart, Carlee Jahelka is your realtor. Selling our home was very stressful and Carlee was there for us every step of the way. I can without a doubt say that choosing the Jahelka Group was a smart choice as their team of real estate professionals are exceptionally knowledgeable, hard working, respectful, trustworthy, open, honest and as for Carlee she is genuinely a very nice girl. It was a pleasure working with her. I have, am going to, and will continue to refer my friends and family to the Jahelka Group team... Thank you Carlee for making it happen!! ~ T. Bourne

Our house sold in two days, with multiple offers and for above the asking price!!! It couldn’t get any better than that. This truly is Real Estate Redefined. Thank you Carlee and the Jahelka Real Estate Group, you met & exceeded all our expectations. ~ Jo & Andy

Carlee was amazing and all that she offered in both selling and buying of the homes. She made my whole family feel comfortable and involved in the process. Leaving and moving to a house is a big change and she supported us through the process. WE appreciated having Carlee as our realtor. ~ Anonymous

From the first meeting with Carlee to completion of the sale of our home and again with the purchase of our new home, we felt absolutely confident that Carlee and her team were working in our best interest. Our experience in dealing with the Jahelka Real Estate Group was very positive, prompt, and professional. We felt the way our home was showcased online and the high quality glossy brochure that was produced gave us a distinct advantage over other properties being advertised.Our home sold very quickly and Carlee was able to help us find the home of our dreams after showing us a number of possible options. Both of us have highly recommended Carlee to others looking to buy and sell real estate and from what we have heard their experiences have been very similar to ours. It really does make a difference who you have working for you and it doesn't get any better than the Jahelka Real Estate Group. ~ M. & L.


What's Your Home Worth: Please remember, this is a tool. As impressive as the technology is, the intention is for it to be used to provide a general range. An accurate valuation still requires a living, breathing, property valuation specialist. Book your free, no obligation market evaluation today.

Contact an Advisor: While technology is great as a self serve option, never forget our team of expert real estate Advisors is always here to answer any questions that you have and to help guide your throughout your search process. Our team is highly educated, experienced, professional, and proven to deliver exceptional results. Isn't it time we get to work for you?