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Vancouver Island’s waterfront offers endless possibilities for those fortunate enough to call the Island home from breathtaking scenery to recreational pursuits and for those looking for island living at its finest there are still affordable waterfront properties to satisfy the need.  From rivers, lakes and streams to the 3,400 km of ocean front the Island’s different shorelines and vistas offer an array of high bank and walk on waterfront properties from which to enjoy island living at its finest.


“Great comfort and extravagant living” – the definition of luxury and a fair description of life in one of Vancouver Island’s luxury properties.  Though we each have a different perspective of what luxury truly is, properties that fall into this category on Vancouver Island encompass anything from acreages and executive homes to ocean view and waterfront residences and continue to be an affordable and good value option especially when compared to luxury homes in neighbouring Vancouver and Victoria markets.


Whether you are looking for elbow room and privacy for your dream home or for land to raise animals and grow fruits and vegetables there are endless opportunities to own acreage on Vancouver Island and the moderate climate year round makes anything possible with regards to how you use that acreage.  


Vancouver Island is a natural choice for farming and approximately 10% of all small Canadian farms with 10 acres or less are located on the Island.  The moderate climate offers perfect growing conditions for a plethora of produce from berries to organic vegetables, and ideal living & operating conditions for a variety of farming ventures from poultry farming to wineries.  In addition to the climate, the affordability makes operating a small scale farm on Vancouver Island a viable option for those looking for a life change, pursuing a different business venture or even retiring, and the fact that the Island community is very supportive of local produce makes it even more attractive.  For the price of an apartment in some of the major cities you could feasibly set yourself up with farmland on Vancouver Island.


Mother nature’s playground, Vancouver Island offers a host of recreational activities both on and offshore many of which can be enjoyed all year round from boating, diving and whale watching to hiking, biking and golfing; while skiers will also not be disappointed as snow conditions at the Island’s ski resorts are some of the best in the province.  Where else can you dive in the morning, hike in the afternoon and ski in the evening without straying far from home.


With 3,400 km of ocean front, Vancouver Island offers some of the world’s most unspoiled coastline and stunning scenery from sheltered waterways to hidden inlets and hundreds of Islands all waiting to be explored.  Whether you captain a kayak or a pleasure craft or prefer to be part of a crew, the boating enthusiast will never tire of the countless offshore boating and sailing opportunities.  And with many waterfront properties offering their own docks and moorage, it couldn't be more convenient to cast off and a joy an enjoyable day on the water.


Vancouver Island boasts over 40 golf courses, some of which were designed by the golf masters themselves, catering to all skill levels with the most play occurring on the 12 championship courses situated along a 250 km stretch of island referred to as the Vancouver Island Golf Trail running from Victoria to Campbell River.  Offering exceptional views of an exceptional island many courses are open all year round as a result of the moderate climate, so it’s your snow shovel that can be winterized - not your golf clubs.